I wanted to either be a teacher or an accountant. I love working with children and numbers. As I move toward the end of the first chapter and my teaching career, I realize I am not ready for full retirement and want to pursue something else. With a daughter beginning university and an adult son with special needs who still requires financial support and care, another career that meets my interests in numbers is what I am looking for now. Starting now and working part time until retirement, I can build my clientele and support my family and community.

As young teacher, it was a challenge for my wife and I to pay off our student loans, care for our young son, monthly bills and save enough for a house and meet the mortgage requirements from our bank. Even though my wife and I had accounts with our banks for many years, they were not receptive to our situation. We were fortunate that we had people who took a chance and helped us. I see this same situation occurring with the athletes I have coached in volleyball who are now adults and more importantly my own children. Young people will need support to navigate these new waters, and I want to be able to give back and people in our community just as someone did for me.